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an abbreviation of "knanaya," referring to a group of christian people who migrated from syria in AD 345 to the indian state of kerala. originally as syriac orthodox christians, a majority of knas converted to syro-malabar catholicism due to european persecution. therefore, the majority of knas are catholic, with orthodox knas still present throughout the world.

knas are malu people who love to celebrate their kna traditions from syria and ancient india, mostly during wedding times. they try to remain endogamous, but nowadays no one gives a fuck. they are stereotyped to be alcoholics and drunkards, but you can't blame them..kerala is the "drunkest" state in india. knas have great pride in their traditions, and will show it with the amount of henny they provide at parties. knas are great to party with, so don't hesitate, just bring some booze and you're good to go.
"why are yall screaming 'nadaa!' ?"
"bc we're kna, dumbass. now chug that beer before i do it"

"you're kna right?"
"are you an alcoholic?"
by i love manga September 07, 2010

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