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Upon entering high school, the definition of a DJ changes and becomes something entirely different. Before, a DJ was the man who played songs at school discos, but now, a DJ is any chav who talks fast and thinks they can "mc". DJ's often give themselves names, such as: DJ Frizzle, DJ Bling or Bad Boy DJ Raz.
Chav 1: Dat woz a wel mintd parti innit!
Chav 2: Ye n dat DJ woz blingin, mon!
Chav 1: Wot woz iz naym? Coz I mite gt im 2 mc at mi nxt
Chav 2: DJ Mudsling Match n iz m8 wer gd on da deckz 2, DJ
Propa Silk.
by i love frank December 19, 2005

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