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Greatest city ever!!!
I have been to that crime ridden shit hole new york, that POS city stanks somethin fierce. i would not even compare chicago to that disgrace.

for the rest of illinois they are lucky to have chicago. Chicago/cook county taxes pay for so much for the rest of the state, that is where all the money is in the entire state. some one from bloomington or springfield, how much do you pay in taxes?

if chicago wasn't the greatest city ever, why would it have the highest return rate out of any city?

the weather is interesting, but it shows that chicagoans are no pussys. we can stand -50 wind chills and heat waves of 104.

you don't like chicago, fuck you and get the fuck out of our city then!!
"take me back to chicago and lay my soul to rest...take me back to chicago cause hustlin' not my style."
by i heart chi-town February 23, 2005

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