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Something ignorant people believe exists.
There is no illuminati conspiracy. Sorry.

The only people who believe in the illuminati are jobless fatass loons who hadn't stepped out of their homes in years.
by i hate douche bags May 10, 2008
They suck and the singer is an asshole. I ate dinner with him in philly and he was the biggest fuckin' dick i ever met. he was also being an asshole to the wait staff. fuck him and fuck the whole crappy band. they're also one of the most repetitive bands i've ever heard in my life.
This band "Helmet" suck ass and their only OK song is that "Unsung" song which was featured on grand theft auto san andreas. they suck and thats the reason why they never had any hit singles in their whole 20 year career.

btw the singer is a douche bag.
by i hate douche bags April 29, 2008

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