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2 definitions by hurricane chickey

"Swilf" is an acronym based on the popular "milf" or "mother I'd like to f*&%." "Swilf: means "social worker I'd like to f*&%." Let's face it, there are many attractive women in this field, and what makes them more attractive is their open willingness to help others. If that's not hot, what is?
I went to therapy and the counselor was such a swilf!"
by hurricane chickey August 09, 2009
A black girl who gives a white man oral sex is said to be a "snow blower."
Man 1: "Man, LaTeesha gave that white dude Hal Andersen head when I was out with Deshay last night."

Man 2: "Man I didn't know LaTeesha was a snow blower."
by hurricane chickey October 26, 2009