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The mental state of paralysis, anxiety and even panic that requires technical support for the simplest tasks involving the correction of any computer or electronic malfunction.
Jane: "Dick, come quickly! My wireless remote entry has a dead battery and I can't get into my car!!!"

Dick: "Jane, you're so iNeedy, just use the key in door lock."
by horngeke December 10, 2009
Hood Thumpers are those curiously tame rabbits that come looking for a snack under the bird feeder in your urban back yard. It's not clear where they come from or where they live, but they have a greater cuteness factor than that of the urban squirrel.
Bob: "Hey Tom, your cats are freaking out on the back porch, what's up with that?"

Tom: "Oh, they're really into those Hood Thumpers that are grazing beneath the bird feeders. Be careful when you step out or you'll trip over one!"
by horngeke July 07, 2011

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