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a serious mental condition that can ultimatly result in death. Should not be mistaked with a regular, healthy thin person. Also, should not be used lightly, as it is sevire and not something to joke about.
friend 1 "I'm really worried about mary, i think she mght have an eating disorder. i think we should try to get her some profesional help"
friend 2 "good idea"
by homefreys July 13, 2006
someone who runs, not the same as a "jogger". A runner is often training for a marathon, 5k, halfmarathon, 10k, crosscountry race, or track meet. They are very hard working and HOT!
i saw this runner and they inspired me to go to the gym b/c they were so amazingly hot and cool.
by homefreys July 13, 2006
a term used to describe the weather. A hot day is a sportsbra day because if you were running, i would be too hot to wear a shirt.
every day at cross crounty pre-season!
"holly crap it's like 110 degrees, definatly a sports bra day"
by homefreys July 13, 2006
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