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very awesome singer/guitarist for cky, one of the best bands ever. has a great voice and is also hot
all must worship deron miller
by holliver twist March 10, 2004
the hottest actor on the planet and looks very good in eyeliner
mmmmmm johnny depp
by holliver twist March 09, 2004
the hottest guy on the face of this planet, plays guitar for finch, who are the best band ever
i wish i was randy strohmeyer's guitar...
by holliver twist March 10, 2004
undoubtedly the best band on this planet with a very hot frontman and guitarist
finch are excellent
by holliver twist March 11, 2004
undoubtedly the best director there ever has been and ever will be. his films are the coolest
isnt it great that tim burtons directing charlie and the chocolate factory?
by holliver twist April 01, 2004
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