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A private day school which used to be all boys until the mid 80s. went through a trashy period until the class of 2002 and 2003 entered high school where a few girls single handedly brought back the popped collar. all the girls were bullis plaid skirts with either a ralph lauren or lilly polo or oxford with ribbons in their hair and jcrew or birkenstock clogs. Boys all wear kakhis with an oxford by ralph or a polo from brooks bros and bucks or timberlands (which the girls all hate) Most have shaggy hair called the lax shag or hockey hair. Girls are good at field hockey and lax and the boys are good at football and lax but usually loose to Prep and Landon. our parties usually get broken up by the Potomac cops who have to make their racial quota by the end of the month. the headmaster then hires alcohol and drug people to come in and try and get us to sober up. even the mormons play root. every boy wants to poke mrs. thrower and every girl thinks mr. moore is hott. delgrande creeps most people out but the boys all show him respect out of fear. the senior lot is filled with all forms of suv's and the occasional ferrari, bmw and benz. you can tell who's care is whos by the stickers on the back for OBX, ACK, lax, VT, and patagonia.
Is she a bullis chick?
Yeah, didnt you see the kilt.
by holla at ya February 07, 2005

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