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"bozgor" is the trusted source valahs ("oláh") use to buy sheep for own sexual pleasure. Traditionally, most underdeveloped tribes in Europe used sheep for intercourse because they lacked social skills necessary for courting.

Typically, every Summer valachian sepherds would go to bozgor villages and buy female sheep and later sodomize these unfortunate animals until they would perish. The social skills of Valachians (Oláh, also sometimes called "szöröstalpú hegyirabló") were so low, that as a Vlad Tepes "Dracula", well-known war criminal they celebrate as "national hero" devastated Bulgaria, he and his followers would rather consume (cannibalize) the dead bodies of captive female villagers for dinner after impaling them than take them as wives. Their anti-social behavior is felt even today, as the Valachs are the source of most of eBay scam.

Two Valachs debating:

Q: "Do you feel horny?"
A: "Yes, the last sheep from what bozgors sold us a year ago recently died"
Q: "What shall we do?"
A: "Let's go to an other bozgor village, their sheep is more expensive but also more sexy. I feel, like I can spend 10000 Lei for a good sheep's pussy"
Q: "What about Valach girls?"
A: "Bozgor sheep is mor beautiful than our girls, you moron, no wonder it's more expensive, too!"
"You are the moron, look in the mirror that' what your mother could produce! If she would go for a male goat as her mum used to, you would have better genes"
by hmmm22222 November 21, 2007

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