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The act of giving oral sex to the driver of a vehicle.
Nani proceeded to give good roadhelmet as we cruised on down the road.
by Higbittytoes January 18, 2010
The reverse spelling of the nickname sweets. Used to cause confusion and then later the attention of the nicknamed person.
by Higbittytoes July 18, 2008
The state of being a hot mess or the overall general behavior when describing one being as such. Usually a drunken or inebriated state followed by loss of control of bodily functions and/or fluids all the while not understanding why anybody is making a big deal or getting angry at those who do.
I can't stand going out with so and so on the weekend with all her hotmessedness.
by Higbittytoes May 21, 2014
a person so hell bent on patriotism and 'merica emotionally that all reason and/or logical thought can not be understood, processed or ever accepted. Usually starts drooling whenever Lee Greenwood starts playing.
Bubba was explained the meaning of freedom but being a 'Meritard prevented him from understanding
by Higbittytoes July 28, 2015

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