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a small child dressed like an emo because their property-obsessed, zinfandel-drinking, Espace-driving, D+G hunting parents think it's cute, and besides, Bethany and Aloysius have brought their child the same miniature reproductions of the designer tat most depressing..ive teens buy, but at forty times the price.
'oh do tell me where little Ozymandis got the Gerard Way 'do'
'i had to have Al Opecia do it. a snip at £260'
'i'll send my little ones there too. he looks quite the emo baby!'
'you know Jocasta, they might even start cutting themselves!'
'YA! YA! *snort*'
by herve peach January 26, 2007
The slang used by those older people who have actually lived, since become inebriated, and have located some surly, pretentious and unfathomably stupid bourgeois sprogs on the way home.
Emo 1; i have to live without seeing Pashmina for a fortnight. i may very well kill myself'.
Emo 2: my heart breaks for you my epicene friend.
twenty-something drunk who has to work in the morning; shut the fuck up you snivelling Emo cunts!!
by herve peach January 26, 2007

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