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The smallest nation in Central America, and the most densely populated country in the Americas.

El Salvador is a country that has suffered much war and conflict, and is currently enjoying somewhat of a stable political situation. Tourism is becoming more abundant, regardless of the gang situation. The notorious Mara Salvatrucha, which has its orgins in the refugees and victims of the war, often leads to many negative misconceptions about the country.

El Salvador is a Latin American country, along with Mexico. Those who are showing discrimination towards either country obviously does not really know what it means to be Latino. While each country has its distict history, culture, and dialect and must be respected taking that into consideration, there is a common thread that binds them together.

In El Salvador, they do not speak or write LiKe DiS, unless they have been deported.(1)

The correct name for someone from El Salvador is Salvadoran, not Salvadorian or Salvadorean, though those terms are commonly used.

(1) A friend of mine in El Salvador was laughing about her co-workers who are deportees from the US. They came to El Salvador acting hardcore, but the country just laughs at their Timbs and bad English.

I am 100% Salvadoran. My boyfriend is Mexican and we joke about our differences but have a mutual respect. I went graduated from High School in El Salvador, I'm in college, have huge aspirations and strong, beloved connections with El Salvador. How you doin'?
"Where are you from?"

"I'm from El Salvador."

"Wow, why do you speak English so well?"

"Because I'm not the ghetto Salvadoran people expect me to be."
by hermana lejana February 20, 2008

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