6 definitions by herbos

What black guys drink when they want to forget.
Brother, I'm feeling low, I could use some jiggabooze.
alcohol, booze
by herbos May 26, 2010
Top drawer pussy: a stunnng cunt.
Dude that is some world class pussy: a charter member of the clitterati.

elite feminine world class snatch
by herbos May 30, 2010
cheap crap made in China
what shoddy merchandise; clearly crepe de Chine
by herbos October 17, 2010
A turd so large that the first lady christens it with a bottle of champagne
That pumpkin in the restroom was so huge, she hit it with a bottle of Dom P and named it the Peanut Princess
by herbos May 16, 2008
exposing oneself from a moving vehicle
A bunch of us got loaded and went on a flashdrive
by herbos June 06, 2009
medication for sores left by venereal infections
Wow, my joint is on fire. I'm going to lay on some Afterclap.
by herbos August 27, 2009

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