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This school, hardly can be called a school drags you in their "classical ways", another way for them to say BROKE. There are currently 60 kids, at the most in this school. They only have chalk boards and have classes like christian womenhood and great conversation. And they don't even have a lunch program.
They just let girls into this school, but they make them sit on either sides of the classroom. At lunch the girls have one table on one side and the boys have another. then the 4 seniors (all boys) sit by a piano in the back.

Your not allowed to sit down in class untill after you pray, THEY NEVER FORGET, most of the time in english but sometimes latin. then church (where you wear a tie and blazer if your a girl and guy everyday) every thursday. And when your like TGIF you have to pray some random prayer for 20 min after school.
The schools small so you cant get away with anything. Kissing anyone results in a suspension. If there lucky they might have a sport that they vote on. one team practicing 3 times a week, and if theres not enough kids or equipment, bye sports. which they only have a game or two anyway.

Kids who are bullied in middle school and have no where else to go all get put into this school. Good luck finding someone normal that you can talk to, and at least goodlooking. only 2 guys and about 3 girls are at the least tolerable to look at.
student from public high school - Who are you taking to prom?!

Montfortian - The montfort academy doesn't have enough kids for a prom :(

student from public high school - oh ... right. Sorry
by havve fun March 05, 2011

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