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When a long sexual dry spell is brought to a victorious end by emptying two swollen ball-sacks worth of splooge with such velocity as to cause injury or mutation.
a good example of some responses to a fairly serious case of splooge wounding is as follows:

girlfriend: 'holy shit that facial broke my nose'
boyfriend: 'haha...thats a marvelous splooge wound'
by hammythemonster July 22, 2009
To make love to a girl so incredibly gently that it looks to onlookers like u are giving her a gentle shake with your man parts.

as opposed to 'jump her bones'...which sounds like rape.
Dave: Oi Steve, check out the tits on that bird, id love to jump her bones!

Steve: Goodness me Dave, don't be so incredibly offhand. A beautiful lady such as that needs her bones shaking...not jumping. Id very much like to shake her bones.
by hammythemonster December 20, 2009
When either a male, or female, accidentally orgasms in an uncomfortable social situation.
Little Timmy: 'Yes grandma, I'd love some more cookiiiiiieeeeeooooooooo...erm erm cookies.

Grandma: Timmy, did u just have an woopsigasm? you dirty little pervert.
by hammythemonster October 23, 2009

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