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hamalnamal is an old mongolian word used to describe genhis kahn or any individual who acieved greatness to the scale where they achieved the stauts of khan. How ever the mongolian tounge is mostly grunt and groans so it was transfered into english by giveing it the term hamalnamal.
English: The Great Kahn is very hamalnamal.

Mongolian: Muuuggg Genghis Kahn Gruuuu Meeeshhh Kanlg hamuuggnamuuug (followed by a series of meaningless grunts and dancing around ment to confuse anyone trying to eaves drop)
by hamalnamal March 10, 2005
ebola is a filovirus that causes almost certain death in primates. there are currently 4 knowen strains of this virus.
Ebola Sudan-this strand causes a 7 out of 10 fatality rate in humans. the two out breaks of this disease where in sudan in 1976 and 1979
Ebola Zaire-the most deadly of the strains, cause a 9 out of 10 mortality rate in humans. the outbrakes of this strain were in 1972, 1976, 1977, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1996
Ebola Ivory Coast- i dont know any thing about this strain
Ebola Reston-deady to primates except humans, for some reason unknown to us this strain causes no symptoms in a human. however it is so similar to ebola zaire that they are almost indestinguishable.
ebola is a new and deadly filovirus.
by hamalnamal November 27, 2004

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