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1 definition by halyk

The last name of a rare breed of humans lacking in the tooth department. They create jaundice pandemics and claim " they get mo ass then a toilet seat". They live in close proximity to the Whitby dump, where they search for objects to lodge in their mouths as teeth. In order to get access to the dump they perform sexual favours on the guy at the gate which might be the reason for the high Syphilis rate in the city. One particular Kuchma who has logged over forty hook ups, wears a mouth guard made out of melted garbage bags and european dildos. They have a close relation ship with the Sparacino guild, a family who runs internet blogs and lacks the ability to consume more then a drop of alcohol.
Whitby kid: " ew theres Rachel Kuchma... I think shes missing more teeth then before, oh and god damn look at those rainforest legs"

Rachel Kuchma: " Can I put your genitalia where my teeth should be ?"

Whitby kid: *puking noises* and throws a punch, not of the clown variety, at her mutant face.
by halyk April 24, 2010