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The most unproven and contradictory religion ever created. Many christians are good people, very friendly, but also very ignorant. They don't understand how foolish it is to follow something that can never be proven. They tend to be nominal, since there is no way to ever be a true christian. God tells them to love everyone, and also to not love homosexuals or other religious believers. There is no way to be a true christian following every single law.
In my opinion, why waste your life worshipping a god that you cannot prove exists, only to find out that you wasted much of your life going to church and other activities that christianity forces you to do? A better religion that is commonly thought of as evil is satanism. No, satanists do not worship satan, or any other higher god or evil diety. They believe in human nature, doing what is right because it is right, and taking responsibility for your actions. That sounds like something to believe in.
by hail satan666 November 04, 2007

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