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okay well west milford is full of a few things. delis. pizzs places. bars. SLUTS AND DRUGS. alot of hicks live here. they are really racist too. not cool. most people end up working at gas stations therye whoole life and no one really leaves. they always come back haa. but its not too bad. you always have connections and the high schools pretty cool too. bomb threats and dead dears in the halls. and smelly vents. but i wouldnt recommend sending ur children to the school. they might become sluts, drug addicts, and end up in a rehab center. most people in wm usually do end up there at least once in there life. and they always stay clean for a few weeks until they know they can do it again. oh and weed isnt even a drug here its like just someting to do cause theres nothing else to do. unless ya wonna hang out in shoprite parking lot...and smoke haha.
even though everythin sucks about it you wont wonna live anywhere else. its like amazing here and everyone does lovee it hahaha
girl 1 "im a whore lets go get high and have sex"
girl 2 " but i dont do that...o wait jk im a whore too! yay! im only 12!!!!"
girl 1: "duh you are from west milfordd!"
by hahahahaha ya know August 08, 2008

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