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3 definitions by good face for radio

An individual of African descent who has just performed a physically demanding activity or has been exposed to an excessive temperature and has thus excreted perspiratory fluid.

Also used as an insult for someone who's acting in a dirty or unfavorable way.
That sweaty nigger broke my refridgerator door last night.

Eddie's owed me ten bucks for three months now, what a sweaty nigger.
by good face for radio October 15, 2005
A gun, or an attractive girl.
Man, don't do it, it's not worth it to risk it. Not over this shit, drop the biscuit.
by good face for radio November 29, 2005
In basketball, a term referring to an accomplishment reached by a player who has 10+ in two statisticaly categories in one game.

The "double double" refers to "two stats in two digits"
Tim Duncan had another double double the other day, he's sick!
by good face for radio December 04, 2005