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2 definitions by golden scarecrow

Sub-genre of rap.
As its name suggests, a combination of rap music and emo music.
While Afro-centric, alt rap/conscious rap, and political rap have been well received w/o debate; emo rap is the antithesis of most of hip hop’s essence.
Hip hop, in general, seeks to establish the alpha –- making a name for yourself via graffiti, being the illest lyricist/battle rapper, biggest balla/highest rolla, etc.
‘Emo’tions are a vulnerability in the armor of dominance.
Emo Rap songs that have passed under the radar:
Heartless - Kanye West
I Need Love - LL Cool J
Passin Me By - The Pharcyde
by golden scarecrow May 04, 2009
Acronym for All That and Then (some).

As the term suggests, all that taken to the HNL.
He SWEAR he AT&T; knowin full well those are swap meet rims
by golden scarecrow June 01, 2009