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Made most popular by the movie "Waiting"
Involves exposing a males genitals to another male in one of 4 common forms
1)The Log-Penis, hangin low
2) The brain- Nut Sack compressed to look like a brain, no penis
3)The bat wing-streching the nut sack so it resembles a bat wing
4) The Goat- Bending over and tucking the penis under the nut sack and behind you

When you get someone you get to kick them in the ass once for the log, twice for the brain and so on, all the while ridiculing the person with demeaning homosexual terms

NOTE playing this with a homosexual defeats the purpose
Taylor- Hey josh can you come in my room i need help with my iPod
Josh- Alright wha-
Taylor- THE GOAT!!!!!
Taylor *kicking 4 times* Fag, cock sucking fudge packer!
Taylor- Ahh I love The Penis Showing Game
by goatergod August 26, 2006

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