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A decent Northern suburb of Chicago. Many people claim it's all white trash, but that's Northbrook which is north of Glenview. We have a great school, Glenbrook South. It's actually pretty diverse. Eastern Glenview has most of the apartments, fast-food places, Asians and Indians. West Glenview has the rich kids that live in the Glen. A lot of Mexicans live here, although you never see them because their neighborhoods are hidden to glorify the rich kids. You'll be lucky to spot a black person. It's about 20 minutes away from the City. If you were here, you'd rather go to Golf Mill in Niles than the Glen because it has more stores.

Overall, it's a decent place but there's not much to do.
Glenview: Lol you can suck my ass.
Northbrook: Lol you're right, I can.
by glenview person February 02, 2011

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