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A boy with curly/shabby cute hair, usually brown or black.
Amazing style fitted black or blue jeans.
Either vintage tee or an american apparel v neck , and wearing some bitchin' sunglasses . Can name at least 100 bands off the top of his head, that you haven't heard of. Of course they love indie music; as well as alternative, rock, folk,acoustic, anything that's INEPENDENT.
Most love photography,art, and MUSIC.
Indie boy always has a great personality and get along with almost everyone .
Though he usually has a cute lil' indie chick by his side (:
Indie boys are so fun to be around, and the best to take shopping with you because of there oh so amazing style .
mary- oo ! look at that cute indie boy with that cute hair and outfit.
lucy- he's so darn cute, too bad he's with that cute indie chick >:l
mary- let's go indie boy hunting !
by girl sailor October 24, 2007

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