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little more than barely legal girls trying really really hard to be debbie harry (although her song "rip her to shreds" describes an early version of the "scenester" girl--but they probably don't know that because the only songs they know are "Call Me" and "Heart of Glass")
OR guys in their early 20's who have either no facial hair or a really stupid looking beard and/or mustache...AND they like to show off their buttcracks when they lean over the bar in their tight-ass pants.
in cleveland the scene kids all do the girls' pants, white belt thing.
Girls almost always wear black and white striped things, footless tights, really ugly flats that don't match their outfits (on purpose), and yes, way too much makeup. They also tend to try and look very "80's" even though they were born at the very end of the decade and know nothing about the culture at that time except for what they see in the movies, which is over-the-top just like them.
Guys wear strictly the black and white lowtop converse, look like their hair was cut by their 4 year old sister, and usually claim to be bisexual.
Actually, that goes for both guys AND girls.
So does frequenting 80's nites of all kinds. The coolest scene kids are on the dance floor, usually standing in one place and moving their arms a little bit (guys) or dancing together trying to make people horny (girls). The girls usually wear spike heels and legwarmers when they go to 80's nite.
Scene kids smoke Camels because the Camel reps in town are also "scenesters" (tall, slightly nerdy looking guy in dark glasses and borderline dress-up clothes with his cute little asian girlfriend who wears just about anything)
They drink PBR almost exclusively (that is, if they are old enough to drink at all).
If they are not at 80's nite they can usually be found at one of the upscale outdoor malls near their home (most likely their parents' home as well) where they can shop at urban outfitters and h&m (so annoying...there is so much stigma attached to both stores now which is really too bad--damn kids!)
Yes, kids. That's the operative word here. True "scene kids" usually are not any older than 21.
Thank GOD most people grow out of that phase eventually!
by ginger st. vitus January 19, 2007

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