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Has Nothing to do with what these other assholes posted. The homosexual communitys response to punk/hardcore and the ultra homophobia in the scene. Such people who associate with this hard to describe scene usually, not always, are the excpeptions of the gay community. see:Queer-core.
Just because I am a gaycore skinead doesnt make me racist or any less gay!
by gay of today June 22, 2005
The act of farting in your partners mouth while they are licking your butthole and then the fartee holds the fart in there mouth to blow it out with force into your face.
Dude will you give me a "h.p.cupcake" while we watch the simpsons?
by gay of today February 25, 2005
To insert your penis into a dogs butt and have a female partner suck on you balls at the same time.
She was a really opened minded she particapet in a "doggy bag" and everthing!
by gay of today February 25, 2005

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