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the act of updating your Linked In profile upon becoming another layoff statistic or getting fired and losing your job.
person a: hey man, what's up?

person b: nothing bro, i just pinked in cuz i got clipped from my job this morning.
by gasguzzler February 10, 2009
The act of looking over someonelse's shoulder at their phone and gathering information without the owner's knowledge.
-Yo man, how'd you git that ho's number?
-Easy brah; eavespeeping over the shoulder of her skank sister in chem class as they were texting.
by gasguzzler August 23, 2010
A girl at a bar that is readily avaiable to have sex with.
Dude #1: "Hey, there's Jen over there. She's hot."
Dude#2: "Ya, I hit that last week, and now she's totally anailable"
Dude#1: "Nice!"
by gasguzzler October 11, 2009

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