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An ancient member of the biological order Primates. This species of ancient primates have the intelligence level of a bar of soap. Following their leader, George W. Bush ( Republicana Bushata ), they have single-handedly gained control of the most powerful country in the world, and have made everyone else their enemy. They do not approve of anybody who do not believe in the same religion as them. It took them very sneaky and hard work, but they were able to cheat people and rig elections in such a way that got them to the top fo the government. They single-handedly destroyed the definition of a Democracy. The PATRIOT Act violates EVERYONE's rights. They are also too busy killing many Iraqi and other middle-eastern people who they believe are terrorists only because they are Islamic. So how is the government serving THEIR people? Good question! Raising the country debt by trillions of dollars and not providing health insurance for every citizens seems to make these Republican creatures a popular species!! They claim to have found weapons of mass destruction in the country of Iraq. It's not joke!! Here I have pictures!! Try the link below for all pictures of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq!
"Lower taxes" is a common cry of the wild Republican primate. This translates into English as "Allow me to raise the country debt a couple trillion dollars more!"

They are using this senseless "War on Terrorism" which is another cry of this lower lifeform which translates into English as "A pointless war taht can never end which is meant to distract the people from the real problems".
by g07h4xf00 April 13, 2006

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