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fuckin pathetic indivisual who wants to waste their time being more white trash than a fat nappy hoe whos trailer is parker outside of wal-mart. Someone who gets spun all the time, fucks alot because it makes them horny, then pisses and whines and cries when they get felony posession for a teener. They are all fucktards and I hate them. Speed is retarded. Tweakers are drug addicts so stupid that they'll smoke ice with fermaldihyde in it. Tweakers as females are usually nappy hoes. They always have tattoos on their back pointing to their ass we call this "the target". Those who stop doing tweaker often develop baby tweaker fat and get all fat ugly and nasty. This is called white trash : stage two! (the walmart shoppers who eat at mcdonalds while they are there). Tweakers are characterized by their unsociability, the way they are total jackasses, and the way they always seem to have herpes. They are usually ugly fucktards and only want to chill with you if you can get them spun because they are pathetic lowlifes. And for some reason, they get horny as fuck but haven't discovered the modern invention called the condom. They are fond of multiplying and breeding little future white trash tweakers. Often they will have up to 5 kids, but give one or two away. These kids would have better destinies if they were growing up as autistic carnies in the midwest. Ironically, many tweakers go on to become carnies. They can be spotted easily by their lack of teeth and body fat. Did i mention they are usually dickheads? Another way to spot a tweaker is to go to DHS and find the skinniest woman with the most children applying for TANIF. Section 8 is also a haven. The most common excuse by the tweaker, is that somebody made them do it.
Is that tweaker hoe gonna be at our wedding? Make sure to hide the ice sculpture of David. Bitch'll fuck anything with a dick made of ice
by fuck88 October 25, 2006

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