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U.S. Navy term for masturbation (as mentioned elsewhere) which originated at basic training or "Boot Camp." The word "ricky" is simply short for recruit and boxing, well that one is obvious.
Stall seven is for ricky boxing.
by fourthrowe August 11, 2007
Term used by Marines, some sailors, possibly others to express disdain for almost anything. A mixture of Boo and oohRAH.
Dude, did you hear we have to stand guard duty on saturday?
Oh boorah. That really bites.
by fourthrowe July 05, 2007
Verb: to fail to accompish a task or make a situation worse because of one's incompetence. Usually followed by "it up."
dammit ed! now you've really gone and lummoxed it up this time
by fourthrowe March 17, 2007
U.S. Navy term for recruit, but only when used as an adjective to describe an item or event related to recruit life.
Ricky Laptop: Spiral notebook
Ricky Scissors: Fingernail clippers
Ricky Ninja: Sneaky person who plays pranks while others are sleeping
Ricky Boxing: Masturbation
Ricky Naked: wearing PT shorts and a white t-shirt (the minimum uniform allowed outside the head)
Ricky Vacuum: one recruit puts a sock on each arm and another recruit pushes him around the room wheelbarrow style in order to clean the floor.
Ricky Heaven: the place where candy bars and pizza are purchased and phone calls home are made.
Ricky Girlfriend: See ricky boxing
by fourthrowe August 11, 2007

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