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1) Adolf Hitler was an Austrian born male, known for his kind and compassionate treatment of minorities such as Jews. For instance, when Jews complained that they were cold, he ordered his men to stick them in ovens to keep warm.

2) May or may not have had only 1 testicle.

3) Had a furry thing living under his nose.

4) Famous for getting stuck in a war on 2 fronts....what a dumbass.
Adolf Hitler enjoyed playing the skin flute.
by foofighter95 May 19, 2013
A city in northern Ontario populated with old people who don't know how to drive, welfare bums, old people, dope heads, pregnant teenagers, old people and skids.

Once the mines closed down, the whole population took to drinking and fornicating with each other after gathering in places such as "Cheers", Kentucky Fried Chicken, and at pit parties by the dump.

There hasn't been anything for teenagers to do here since Teens Against Boredom (TAB) closed down. So, they've taken to lighting fires in apartment buildings, screwing like donkies, and getting high.

If Elliot Lake does has one redeeming quality, its that there are plenty of women willing to offer themselves up for you. However, most of these women are drunk and over 50, hanging out at Karoke every thursday and friday night. But why be choosy?

In short, Elliot Lake sucks hobo ass.
Person 1: If I ever decide to move to Elliot Lake, I want you to take this knife and stab my eye out.

Person 2: Ok
by foofighter95 April 14, 2011
onzie(own-zee) is a word used to describe a male who is well toned and has a nicely sculpted butt.
Example: "Look at the butt on him, he's an onzie."
by foofighter95 April 26, 2009
A state reached only by listening to the band Nirvana.
by foofighter95 May 18, 2013
A homosexual in drag.
"I was out cruising for a hooker in the bad part of town, and I ended up picking up a Queen."
by foofighter95 May 18, 2013
1) Soulless, marauding, killing machines from the Star Trek universe.

2) Swedish tennis player. Please see Bjorn Borg
"We are the Borg...resistance is futile"
by foofighter95 May 19, 2013
diahreah caused by excessive beer drinking
I drank a case of beer last night and I woke up with a case of the molson mud slides
by foofighter95 May 06, 2009

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