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former singer of punky/surf band No Doubt. along the line, someone told gwen she was the best thing about no doubt; she started watching their own promo videos (where pop directors concentrated on her- sex sells) and she took all that bullshit seriously. but hey, thats what cocaine does to you. now, shes living in la la land, has orientalised (see Edward W. Said 'Orientalism') japanese culture and is more of a softcore porn star than a musician.
her most recent single (of march25/05) 'rich girl' embodies notions of consumerism and excess. she is the tip on an iceberg of fat, sleaze ridden american popular culture.
"goddamnit, i wish gwen stefani would just go away. why do people in suits give people like her money to make records like that?"
by foetal March 26, 2005
pop music orientated program on channel four in britain. claims to like pop music and promote it but ridicules and parodies it very subtly. the genius of the show is Simon, whose sense of humour is unparalleled. Once gave notoriously homophobic rapper The Game a banana with his phone number on it during an interview. Gave Lemar an interview from afar.
Joined by Mequita Oliver, a unqualified lass whose parents got her the job after she wasted much of her childhood and teen years at various house parties fucked on class a drugs. Evidence of prolonged and continued use of these drugs is in the programme, notice how she mostly just giggles and falls about. Classic sunday morning TV at its VERY VERY best.
PopWorld is postmodern television par excellence.
by foetal March 27, 2005
outmoded form of media classification employed by record shops, book stores, retailers in general for organisation and categorisation purposes. in poststructuralist subjectivities however, genre as an objective construct loses its validity and classifications more intimate and expressive of individuals are employed. create worlds of meaning and tie others inward, realising all this is fragile and fleeting and caught in language.
'post-rock' as the genre 'anti-genre'.
by foetal March 26, 2005
absolutely insuffereable pop music, orchestrated and managed by some reprehensable slug of a manager. the ethic that sex sells is demonstrated here to full effect- first single 'no sleep tonight' leaves little to the imagination, has no bridge, and utilises police siren samples for absolutely no purpose. latching onto the NME new wave of bands prefixed with 'the', the saving grace of this story is that the faders wont be around to see the end of the year.
i did read somewhere that the drummer held a music diploma. but as the adage goes, its not what you got, its what you do.
"hey, the faders are on PopWorld again."
"PopWorld is great. I wonder what Simon will say to mock them."
"i never noticed his anti-pop tones when I was younger"
"nor that Mequita was fucked on charlie."
"true dat."
by foetal March 27, 2005
one such as our friend dave who dresses as a badger on occassions (which has earnt him the title of 'bona fide') and denies his semitic roots, despite explicitly practising and preaching from the Torah on an almost daily basis. he may be jewish, but hes a bit lazy.
"i wonder if the rabbi badger has recorded neighbours today."

"hey rabbi badger, its your turn to make tea."
by foetal March 26, 2005
a cdr and tape orientated record label based in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK established in the spring of 2005 by Amir Adhamy, David Morris and Ben Long. These good folk perform together in an unnamed band, and follow solo projects simultaneously. maybe be found on www.ramshackality.com someday. Ramshackality is commited to employing local artists and skilled craftsmen in its design of cd artwork and packages.
'Amir Adhamy - Shining Sword' and 'David Morris - Mynah Birds' are albums on Ramshackality records.
by foetal March 26, 2005
derivative of 'shebby-boulay'; referring to someone with rural background and penchant for outdoor living.
"how about you, me and all the other shebs get together for a good ole hike, eh?"
by foetal March 26, 2005
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