1 definition by flyforfala

A gamer that is new-ish to a game that spends a large amount of either virtual or real life money on making their virtual character have the best of the best gear and then bragging about it.

Usually somewhat conceited, lazy and selfish...but occasionally worthy of the "elite" aspect of l33t.
Pro (former nubl33t): "random tips inserted here"

Nubl33t: "LOL I'm not gonna waste my time I just pay people to sell me amazing gear and then pay people to level my character because I'm the real pro." (~insert mental picture of cocky "I'm better than you" attitude~)

Pro: "Ok well have fun being naive in snob disguise and don't say I didn't warn you when you realize that its ok to think outside the box and do stuff for yourself.....that is the point of playing the game ya know"
by flyforfala August 16, 2009

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