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(Noun, Place) A boring, small town located in Massachusetts.

Characteristics include:
-Ridiculously large high school
-Lots of pot
-Nothing to do..=drinking
-party up
-(add to this def and add your ideas on sudbury, also known as "Sucksbury")
-over rated middle school kids
-strict middle school
-too many elementary schools
-LS warriors
Kid 1: Hey, those kids in Sudbury, haha, I mean Sucksbury, are totally dope! Let's go there on Friday Night!

Kid 2: Nah, dude, haven't you been to the high school?! It smells like pot, lots of drinking,, I even heard you can get STDs off the walls!!!

Kid 1: Oh snap!
by first initial = "n" February 03, 2006

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