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The condition afflicting the historic female Speaker of the House. So acute is her derangement that she has come to believe her own lies. True enough, the Democrat party is built on a platform of lies: welfare builds good character; society is best served by stealing at gunpoint from those who work and giving it to those who do not; the military is inherently bad; there is no such thing as too much plastic surgery; those who study hard, work hard and create jobs are bad; carbon dioxide is pollution; higher taxes beget higher revenue; the more non-white, non-male, non-straight you are, the better a person you are; oral sex is not sex; state-owned/subsidized newspapers are good for us; global warming is caused by man. The old bat cave we know as Pelosi truly crosses over to the other side and sees herself as royalty, above the law of the commoners and entitled to any luxury taxpayer money can buy: Trips to Rome, the largest military jets, lavish meals and gifts at every turn. She believes she has the power, a la "1984" to rewrite history to suit her story. And with a lapdog media and a dimwitted constituency, all that keeps her from getting away with such is conservative talk radio, so guess what will be outlawed next.....
That old bat cave of a speaker has infected our historic first BP (first black president) and our historic first HPVP (first hairplugged veep) with her Pelosi Derangement Syndrome .
by fighting for truth June 06, 2009

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