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2 definitions by fightforfreedom

Anyone who does not favor a specific black person regardless of who they are.

Anyone who did not vote for Obama; because he is half black you have to vote for him or you are a racist.

Anyone who thinks Trayvon Martin was rightfully shot is a racist. Since Trayvon was black he didn't deserve it.
Racist: "Obama is wasting so much money and making so many laws it's like we are slowly losing our freedom."

-You're just a racist, you're the reason our country is how it is.
by FightforFreedom July 11, 2013
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the plan proposed by President Barack Hussein Obama to make the US health care system more like that of Canada
"Dude how did your Senator vote on Obamacare?"
"uh I think he voted for it, which is tight, cause socialism rocks man"
by fightforfreedom July 29, 2009
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