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Anyone who does not favor a specific black person regardless of who they are.

Anyone who did not vote for Obama; because he is half black you have to vote for him or you are a racist.

Anyone who thinks Trayvon Martin was rightfully shot is a racist. Since Trayvon was black he didn't deserve it.
Racist: "Obama is wasting so much money and making so many laws it's like we are slowly losing our freedom."

-You're just a racist, you're the reason our country is how it is.
by FightforFreedom July 11, 2013
the plan proposed by President Barack Hussein Obama to make the US health care system more like that of Canada
"Dude how did your Senator vote on Obamacare?"
"uh I think he voted for it, which is tight, cause socialism rocks man"
by fightforfreedom July 29, 2009
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