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2 definitions by felix sexy cat

Fuck Bitches Drink Beer
A phrase and way of life inspired by some graffiti on a road barrier in Austin, Texas. The acronym is best followed by a rousing MUTHAFUCKAAAA(S) in the voice of unique urban bird. It can be said in order to request calm, peace, and tranquility in moments of hostility; it can also be used in almost any other setting, as it expresses fun, love, and joy. It is a sign of recognition among the four originators of the phrase: PJ, Mary, Alex, and David. Its four letters can be written somewhat calligraphically to display a three part infinity sign.
When written as an acronym, only the first letter should be capitalized, and the others must be lowercase to achieve the pinnacle of aesthetic achievement which it represents.
Guy 1: I can't believe we're gonna be late!
Guy 2: I know, what the fuck are we gonna do? Matt's gonna give us another TV room meeting, I don't know if my nerves can handle it.
Girl: Fbdb guys, Fbdb. Matt's out copying the shit for tomorrow, he won't be back for a while; we got time.

Speaker: I believe that we can all live in a world free of war and hatred!
Random man: YEAHHHH! Fbdb muthafuckaaaaas!

Person on the street: Check out this shit I got for the party! Fbdb muthafuckaaa!
Other person: I don't know who you are but yeah, Fbdb!!!
by felix sexy cat September 02, 2007
CTFO is an acronym for Chill The Fuck Out. It was popularized as an everyday term by a Washington DC resident named Bryce, who attends the Maret School. Others may try to take credit, but Bryce actually did invent and popularize this phrase, after the surge in popularity of WTF. You are supposed to pronounce every letter in the word (ex: see tee ef oh)
Where the hell are we supposed to be?
CTFO, we'll find it

by felix sexy cat September 26, 2005