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what exactly IS hot?
is curly hair hot?
is straight hair hot?
are fat people hot?
are skinny people hot?
am i hot?
are you hot?
are we not?

to me, hot is what's on the inside. wow that sounded undeniably cheesy. double take:

to me, hot is HOT-HOT, like as in "hot potato" :] lol.
don't touch the stove its HOT!!!
by fa la la la la April 01, 2007
yo, last time i checked, this wasn't a sexual innuendo, it was how animals "make babies". am i right or am i right?
Man#1: Hey, look at our dogs.
Man#2: Oh my gosh, i think Rover is humping Bitsy!
Man#1: Get ready for some puppies, then.
by fa la la la la April 01, 2007
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