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Quite simply, it is an unintelligent person with absolutely nothing else to do but make up groups for people to fit into. STUPID. They come up with fucking retarded words such as scene, emo, greebo, (wtf? i dont know either.) straight edge, whatever whatever its all GAY. THEN, they complain about being judged when they are really just judging themselves AND everyone else by calling them these fuckin retarded things.
Labeller: "hello, my name is big fat loser idiot, and like OH, my God you are like sooo scene and like HE is a greebo (whatever the fuck that is) and like I feel soo straight edge so like DONT FUCK ME. and you are emo.. and she is a prep.. and they are trendies. and I, am GAY!"

wtf are trendies and greebo's like HELLO
by everybodyyyyy December 28, 2005

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