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Ron Paul's economic adviser during the presidential campaign 2008.
Owner of Europacific Capital brokerage firm.

Know best for his youtube video
"Peter Schiff was Right" where he predicts
the coming real estate crash years before it happens while being mocked by the other
so called 'expert' including Arthur Laffer.

He is also the author of "Crashproof and how to profit from the coming collapse"
and "Little book of bull moves in bear markets"

An American patriot and a visionary.
Peter Schiff: American have been living off their illusion of real estate wealth and spending consuming too much without any savings. At some point that phony wealth will evaporate. Home prices driven by a real estate bubble is not real wealth

Art Laffer: Of course it is real wealth!

Thats what American were saying about their wealth before 1929. Everyone thought they were rich, but it was only on paper, just like today.

by eric fosterman March 15, 2009

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