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An epic ejaculation that comes rarely for chronic masturbaters. Normally occurs on the second serving within an hours time. The feeling is similar to a normal persons ejaculation.
Dude, woa, Nick, sorry I was afk, I just had an epicum, back, but dude, woa.
by Emomartian May 07, 2009
A form of emo sex. When two people who's bodies are covered in piercings love each other very much, they porcupine-fuck. porcupine-fucking normally leads to long stays in the hospital and/or skin replacement.

It can also mean when two people who have dried up herpes fuck.
DUDE! That porcupine-fuck we did last night made my dick peel for a whole fucking WEEK!

Porcupine-fucking is like dying my pussy red!
by Emomartian December 26, 2008
Someone with 3 nipples
Adam: You score on her?
Kellen: Nah, she turned out to be a tripple and I got a little scared
by emomartian February 09, 2009
The process in which a boner gradually grows over a course of twenty minutes while laying down.
I was casually IMing my friends from my laptop, and when I looked down at my crotch I noticed I was sprouting
by Emomartian February 28, 2009
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