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Little annoying twats who think their such bad ass rockers because they listen to crap like good charlotte, simple plan or even *shudders* Mcfly. Then they start ruining the reputaions of good bands cuz they think if they listen to good bands (maybe what their older bothers or sisters listen to) they think they'll be cool. They go round thinking no one understands them and they think they're so deppressed that they think they are goths (simple plan - welcome to my life may be one of the songs that they think relates to them *ooo so goth* , and the lyrics are so easy for them to understand lol ) . They act like 17 year olds and dress like it too. Basicly they're stupid little wannabes who laugh at chavs cuz they are 'all the same' but soon they will be chavs themselves cuz its all really a trend that they'll grow out of ... hopefully.
look theres a mini mosher... KILL IT!!
by emomaria June 07, 2005

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