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A hott ass emo boy. Enjoys writing poetry. IZ totally in love with a hot ass emo girl, Emily. Will knock ur ass out if u curse at him. And will totally kill ur ass if u hit or even think bout Emily.
Hatez Joe, a suicidal asshole and a major dumass. Likez the bandz Avenged Sevenfold, AFI, Evanessence, SlipKnot, and pretty much any other band like the onez listed here. And once again a totally emo sexi boy.
Girl #1-"Did u see that totally hott emo boy?"
Girl #2-"Yah...hez so sexi."

Seth-"I think thoze girlz r talkin bout me."
Emily-"I'll kill them if they r."
Seth-"Babe, u know i love u and no1 else."
*Beginz making out with Emily*
by emo sexi Seth December 06, 2006

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