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1) a game for players who can't afford to upgrade their computers. see also; ghetto rig

2) a game for players who can't seem to adjust to the new cs:source, because they have been playing 1.6 since the beginning of time.
these players often have an irrational refusal to accept novel experiences or a learning disability.
player #1: "Hey man, are you -still- playing Counter Strike 1.6?"
player #2: "Yeah, Source is gay!"
player #1: "Are you sure it's not that you suck at Source and haven't bothered trying to adjust to the new game?"
player #2: "No... actually my computer can't run source ;("
by emirizilla January 08, 2008
A user of the steam application who uses it more like a dating site than a place to play video games.

Frequently, they use their photo as their steam id.
Typically these users love attention and flattery so much, that they enjoy the sound of nerds fapping to their photos. Steamwhores tend to be very manipulative and sometimes turn out to be SIFs, hidden by clever angles. They usually have very low self-esteem & self-respect.
There was some steamwhore in the server I was just in. Several people started fapping over their mics and she liked it.
by emirizilla November 14, 2009

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