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Garden City is a town in Western Long Island filled with preps that think they are black. the average high schools kid ipod(and yes, everyone has an ipod...no exceptions)is filled with 50 cent, kanye west, and usually some form of gangsta rap. the kids are incredibly rich and annoying with exceptions. there are some really cool and down to earth normal kids in the town who have been RAISED RIGHT. the main problem in this town is that parents dont raise their kids right. parents let their kids stay out all night when they are 13 years old, and then dont discipline them when they come home drunk and high. However, there are kids in this godforsaken town who are genuine people who are actually going somewhere on their own , not just because of their last name or inheritance. But these are few exceptions because the entire town is filled with two-faced, snobby, annoying kids. And another thing that pisses me off, everyone says that gc is a Roman-Catholic town which is true but probably less than 15 percent of this town actually observes their faith on days other than Christmas and Easter. The point of this tirade is, gc is filled with snobs for kids, and adults who are not good people. But there are exceptions so just open your eyes.
gc child: (to mother) mommy, why is that man mowing his own lawn? Is he poor?

gc mother: He probably is and shouldnt be living in Garden City.
by embarassed gc kid March 22, 2008
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