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181 definitions by elsquid

when typing, you instinctively know where on the keyboard sits a given key, and you ready the designated finger for that zone – but you still have to look, in order to avoid a typo-ridden text.
People without training usually start out with the one-handed hunt and peck technique, and gradually progress to the two-handed, knowing-what-you’re-doing-looking, zone typing.
by elsquid December 15, 2012
official name for a chiropractor / informal: may be shortened to ‘back quack’
You should never pump heavy weights without wearing a body belt – ‘cause you’ll only end up at the outta-whack-back quack, Jack.
by elsquid September 24, 2012
perpetual or permanent vacation
Some would like to win the big lottery so they could be all rich and powerful – while others, such as I, would just wanna take the dough and go on percation.
by elsquid December 10, 2012
the use of water cannon against people, usually in order to disband riotous crowds - or peaceful political demonstrations
It looked like a harmless bit of student civil disobedience, but some overzealous crowd controller gave the order to cannonize them.
by elsquid November 07, 2012
when one has enough celebrity or internet presence for trolls to deem him/her worthy of harassment
"The only thing worse than being trolled is not being trollable." ~ Wild Oscar Fish
by elsquid August 16, 2012
meaning all’s well and then some
I’ll check-out the party and text you either ‘stay away’ or ‘all swell’.
by elsquid October 01, 2012
outstandingly good speechmaking / a portmanteau derived from ‘formidable’ and ‘babble’
They say the President writes all that great rhetoric himself, not wanting to rely on the formidababble of professional speechwriters.
by elsquid September 05, 2012