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A very pretty, little, sexy girl who is psychotic and manipulative. Refers to herself as a Barbie even tho shes not, she thinks shes the princess and everyone should bow down. She thinks she never does wrong. She is normally really mouthy and talks alot of shit. She is normally very controlling and obsessive. She's known for stalking her prey and making it her bitch. Normally Nayelli's are obsessed with social networks and thrive off of the drama they find on there. She tends to think shes sneaky but frequently gets caught up in the act. Guys should be careful to date because she is the crazy ex stalker type of girl who wont take no for an answer
Dude i was at my boyfriends house and we saw Nayelli drive by 7 times.


Nayelli can never take a hint.
#gorgeous #pretty #little #mouthy #psychotic #manipulative #lunatic #crazy #bitch #sexy #liar #stalker #facebook #slut #homewrecker #cheater #obsessing #crazy ex girlfriend #dumb
by elbarbie January 16, 2011
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