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A gay or bisexual wing man. Useful in lulling chicks into a false sense of security while out on the prowl. Also, you don't have to compete with your swing man.
Hey Robb, come out and be my swing man for the evening! I wanna get laid!
by ego2gogo March 03, 2011
When you need a skin graft on your shin, the source of that skin is cultured circumcision foreskins. You now have a foreshin. See also cockle (nee cankle)
You skinned the shit out of your ankle. You need a foreshin.
by ego2gogo February 21, 2011
A toxic, viral relationship that infects you at the most inopportune moments, ugly and painful. It can affect all future relationships. The only known cure is death of the host or the virus. Whichever comes first
Hey dude, did you just run into your ex?

Yeah, my relationship herpes acted up. Ruined my dinner...
by Ego2gogo January 02, 2014

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