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8 definitions by eatmorchikin

When you go to change a baby's diaper, thinking the baby pooped, but there's nothing in the diaper.
Oh, stink. Better change you. Whoops, Poopdini!
by eatmorchikin October 11, 2009
When Mike Vick runs the Wildcat offense.
Yo, the Eagles are running the Wildcat with Mike Vick.

Yeah, they call it the Dumbcat.
by eatmorchikin October 26, 2009
When you borrow someone's underwear or swimsuit and you rub your ass on it, leaving some poop remnants behind.
Thanks for letting me borrow your swim suit. I gave it the spice rub.
by eatmorchikin August 19, 2009
When you are thinking really hard and you shit your pants.
I was trying to come up with a thought but I had a shought instead.
by eatmorchikin December 04, 2009
The obscene amount of snacks left out in the break room during the holidays at work.
There's some serious snack porn in the break room today -- cupcakes, chocolate pretzels, cookies, chips, cheese dip, crackers and popcorn.
by eatmorchikin December 19, 2011
Heat-Activated Shirt Stink. When you get a shirt out in the morning and don't notice anything, until you are out and sweating in the shirt and then it stinks to hell of mold from being left in the washing machine overnight before drying it.
I just got a whiff of H-A-S-S. I need to change my shirt.
by eatmorchikin September 06, 2012
When your vacation turns into a living nightmare because your kid is sick.
We were on lock-down most of our vacation because the baby got sick, so we couldn't do anything. It was not a vacation, it was a hellcation.
by eatmorchikin January 20, 2010